How to beat a bookmaker in tennis

Tennis Betting Strategies

In order to learn how to bet on tennis successfully, you should understand the specifics of this sport well.

Lawn tennis is considered a very dynamic and interesting game. Like any other sport, it attracts the attention of bettors – people who bet on sports on a particular outcome of matches in order to win. In betting activities, tennis tournaments have some advantage over football matches, since they are held regularly throughout the year, and the results of the game are easier to predict.

In order to learn how to bet on tennis successfully, you should thoroughly understand the specifics of this sport, study the rules of the game and get acquainted with information about popular players. The specifics of the game allow you to bet on the outcome of the match, the total of games, the score and many other indicators.

The question of choosing matches when making a bet should be taken very seriously, since this factor can become key in the nature of the game and its result. As practice shows, the best option for betting are status tournaments, such as the Davis Cup, Wimbledon, Grand Slam tournaments. Usually in such competitions, athletes have good training and strong motivation.

You can earn money by betting on any tournaments, if you delve into the subtleties of this sport, as well as using well-known betting strategies.

Tennis Betting Strategies

The popular principles of predicting the results of tennis matches are in demand, as they can be used to increase the efficiency of betting, thereby generating income. Given the specifics of tennis, bookmakers prefer to place bets in live mode, that is, right during the match. Since the bookmaker’s line is in balance before the start of the game and it is problematic to find a good coefficient, the bettors are waiting for the start of the competition and are trying to decide on a betting strategy.

The field of sports betting has a lot of game models, which, although they cannot guarantee 100% winning, but allow you to minimize risks and use the obvious advantages of the game in your favor.

The most well -known and effective are the following strategies:

Betting on games
This type of strategy is quite complex and inexperienced bettors are not recommended to use it often. The bet is placed on the victory of the serving player in each game. As you know, tennis players serve in turn and there is one pitcher in each individual game. In order for such a forecast to work, you need to carefully choose matches and thoroughly compare the strengths of your opponents – they must have different skill levels. The complexity of betting on games is due to the frequent use of dogons in it — doubling the bet in the further course of the match in case of its loss. Some gamblers can’t stop in time and lose the whole pot.

Betting on sets
The forecast for the victory of one of the players in sets is usually made in live and requires compliance with such conditions – the level of professionalism of both players should be the same, and the preliminary coefficients for each victory should differ by at least 0.5 and no more than 0.7. When during a match one of the players wins the first set, his coefficient drops sharply, and the opponent’s indicator increases. Those wishing to place a bet at this moment take advantage of the change in quotes and bet on the second player. The essence of the method consists in observing the quotes of a particular player and, in the case of their value in the amount of 1.2, making a bet against this tennis player. When the coefficient has increased again, the bettor bets on the victory of this player. Betting on sets requires careful observation of the course of the match, studying the technical capabilities of the players, as well as the development of intuitive abilities.

Betting on the favorite
The essence of this strategy is to predict the winner of the match, and such bets can be made both before the start of the match and in live. Bookmakers usually correctly and reasonably make predictions for the victory of each of the players, so bettors should pay attention to the preliminary coefficients of tennis players. If the value of the indicator ranges from 1.45-1.65, such a player can be considered a strong opponent. Having made a bet on the favorite, the player will receive a win in case of victory of the tennis player on whom the bet is made. In live, the strategy is carried out in this way — if the favorite of the game begins to yield to the opponent, his quotes for winning will immediately increase and create the possibility of concluding a bet with a much higher coefficient. Thus, the bettor can increase his profit, thanks to a timely forecast.

Score 40-40
The strategy is to make a bet that one of the games will have a score of 40:40, and it does not matter which player wins. Such bets are often used in conjunction with the catch-up strategy, that is, if the bet did not win in one game, then the bet doubles and if the score is fixed 40:40 in the next game, the bettor will receive a double win, which will be able to cover the previous failure. For the successful implementation of this strategy, some conditions should be taken into account:

  • it is preferable to choose matches held on a dirt surface, as it contributes to a long and stable game;
  • you need to watch the video broadcast of the match to assess the athletes’ ability to fight for a long time;
  • it is better to enter the game not from the first game in order to analyze the actions of athletes and wait for the growth of coefficients;
  • women’s tennis is better suited for a 40:40 bet.

First point
Predicting which of the players will earn a point first, and it can be both a serving and a receiving tennis player. Before making such a bet, it is worth analyzing the statistics of the players, to see how often they received the first point both on their own and on someone else’s serves. Some bettors use catch-up in this strategy when they are sure that the player will certainly earn the first point before the end of the match. For less experienced players, it is better to limit yourself to the initial bet only.

Bets on Express
Many bookmakers offer to make express bets, which imply the simultaneous conclusion of different bets, the coefficients of which are multiplied in case of winning all events. If at least one bet does not play– all the others will be canceled. Express trains can be safe, with small coefficients, and aggressive, with sufficiently high predictive indicators. You can minimize the risks and use the strategy of the so-called «smart» express, which consists in betting on sports events that take place at different times. While the first bets are winning, the bettor evaluates the situation and changes his bet in order to increase the winnings. Such strategies can also be supplemented by catch-up, which makes them even more risky, so beginners in betting need to be careful with such techniques and thoroughly prepare for betting.

Accurate score
Betting on the account is widely used by both experienced and novice bettors and consists in predicting the score of the game by sets. The probability of such bets is quite high, and bookmakers offer high odds, so this strategy can be quite effective if it is easy to predict the favorite in the upcoming match. Before performing a betting operation, many factors should be evaluated, such as weather conditions, the professionalism and style of play of the opponents, their skills on various surfaces and personal motivation.

In order for the bet on the account to become profitable, it should be done with a safety net, breaking the bank into several parts. Such a prediction system is often used by players, as it is simple and understandable, but at the same time, it requires care and the ability to calculate steps in advance.

Betting on the drain

This strategy is very interesting and in demand among bettors who are well versed in match fixing. The meaning of such a bet is to anticipate a situation when a strong athlete intentionally loses the game to a weaker opponent. The tennis player brilliantly wins the first set, after which all the bettors begin to actively bet on his victory, but the continuation of the match leads them to disappointment – the favorite in the next sets begins to lose heavily to the opponent and eventually loses the match. In such a situation, bookmakers make a good profit, and gullible players are left with nothing. If the tennis player played the first part of the match with a good margin, you can take a chance and bet on his loss in the future and get a big win – this is the essence of the strategy for draining. This type of betting is one of the riskiest, so many factors should be taken into account. For example, if a match belongs to prestigious tournaments, it is unlikely that strong tennis players will agree to sacrifice their rating and reputation for the sake of participating in the drain, but the participation of well-known professional athletes in ordinary games with rivals who do not correspond to them in technique and experience should alert bettors and arouse suspicion about possible agreements.

Tips for novice bettors

Players who are just starting their way in the betting world are not always able to navigate sports situations on their own and take into account all the subtleties of this activity. Therefore, beginners should try their hand first in pre-match betting, as live is very dynamic and requires some skill. You can also use expert tips that are publicly available on the web. Professionals carefully study trends in all sports, can give an adequate description of a particular player. But the main task of a novice bettor is the constant analysis of games, the study of statistics and strategies, the collection of other information that can help to make forecasts. Intuition will definitely develop over time, but you need to start small.