How a bookmaker cheats players

How bookmakers deceive customers

Betting in bookmakers has long turned into a big business. Unfortunately, unpleasant stories also happen in this area when one of the parties loses money due to illegal actions of the other party. As a rule, the player turns out to be in the role of the victim. The most interesting thing is that even the largest and most famous bookmakers sometimes illegally infringe on customers. In this article we will find out what tricks and illegal actions bookmakers use to their clients, how to solve these problems.

Reduction of limits for bets

A very common policy on the part of unscrupulous bookmakers is to cut the limits for the maximum bet size. When a person consistently receives income from baseball betting, he immediately gets noticed by the office staff. Some bookmakers, without much ceremony, significantly cut the maximum. For example, a person could put a maximum of 5000 banknotes on one of the positions, and after cutting – 500. Obviously, in such a simple way, the offices limit the opportunities for successful players, and let them know that they will not be able to earn a lot.

How do I understand before registering that this bookmaker will lower the limit for the maximum bet? First, you need to open the rules and find an item that may indicate the limits on bets and options for changing them. As a rule, bookmakers reserve the right to unilaterally set different limits for different positions in the list and change them at will. The only question is in which cases these limits are lowered and for which players.

It happens that the office is insured and sets a low limit for junior or minor league matches. Here the motive is clear, the organizer of the bet does not want to take risks in poorly studied markets and reduces the maximum for all clients.

But when one player is left with the limits as they are, and the second is noticeably reduced, then in this case an «individual approach» is clearly visible, that is, the desire to cut off the positive bettor from normal profits.

What should bettors who are faced with cuts do? Withdraw money from the account, and register in a normal company where there are no such restrictions. We advise you not to take risks with dubious organizations, but to register immediately.

Ban on betting

Some bookmakers do not want to mess with successful clients, and send them an email in which they offer to stop cooperation. Yes, the wording in the address is polite, there is a point that a person can withdraw all the money earned without any problems. There are also wishes for the player to earn money in other offices. But here, alas, it will no longer work, because the company cannot tolerate such losses.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, this is a common practice. It is good that now there are hundreds, maybe thousands, taking into account the Asian market, organizations ready to provide their services. Therefore, register with other reliable offices, and continue to earn bets until you receive another similar letter.

Payment delays

Another classic way of harassing the «plusoviks» is the delay in the payment of winnings. The rules of many BC indicate that they have formal reasons for such behavior. The reason is suspicion of fraudulent actions of the client or money laundering. But under these definitions, you can make almost anyone, if you set a goal.

In fact, the reason is the same: the office simply does not want to part with money in favor of another successful player. So there are various reasons not to transfer honestly earned capital to bettors.

The winning stories are very different. One of the most common options is when a client is required to provide some kind of certificate confirming his place of residence and passport data. The person confirms for the 45th time that he is him, and not the neighbor living on the floor above. In the end, after burning out a lot of nerve cells, the office pays the winnings to the bettor.

Why does a bookmaker do this? Everything is banal and simple, the player is hinted that he will not be given a quiet life if he continues to play successfully. If the winnings are knocked out with such difficulty, it is better to choose a more sane bookmaker.

Closing an inactive account

There is a clause in the rules of bookmakers, which states that a gaming account can be blocked if its owner has not placed bets for a certain time. This period of inactivity is different for different offices – 6.9 months, a year. But sometimes some beeches block the account for 1-3 months.

In order not to lose money on the gaming account, it is important to place bets periodically, at least once a month. Moreover, now it is very easy when mobile applications and versions are available. The fact is that cunning bookmakers are counting on the inattention of customers. Anyway, someone will forget to put for a long time. And this is already a legitimate reason for blocking, which offices willingly use. If you block several dozen such accounts with round amounts, you will be able to provide salaries to cashiers and other technical personnel. Yes, maybe some crumbs will be returned to someone, but these are just indicative actions to restore the image.

Tricks of offshore businessmen

There are many bookmakers with licenses from Curacao, Malta and other island states. Websites of such companies, at first glance, seem to be normal, with good functionality, mobile applications and a rich selection of financial instruments. The fact that many bettors have a license is a weighty argument for long-term cooperation with such a betting operator.

At first, everything goes well – the bettor replenishes the gaming account, makes bets in live, pre-match, and receives winnings on time. We can say that he completely swallowed the bait. The problems begin at the moment when the player makes a request for the withdrawal of a large amount. The security service is immediately activated, which requests scans of documents, employees ask those questions that they have not asked before.

Many offshore bookmakers brazenly do not pay out winnings, referring to fake illegal actions of the client. They can cling to the exact place of residence. That is, they use a scoop approach, requiring a person to provide proof of his residence at a specific address. Although the player can have five houses in different parts of the world, in which he lives alternately for a month.

In any case, this is not a reason not to transfer money to the bettor’s account if he earned it according to the rules. Of course, the bookmaker is well aware that he is breaking the rules. But he also understands that no one will get him, at least the bookmaker will withdraw, and in a month he will be reborn, but under a different sign.

In order not to get into such unpleasant stories, always check the company’s license. If this is Curacao, Crocodile Islands or something similar, pass by. Again, it is better to trust the legal bookmakers. Yes, you will have to pay tax on your winnings, but you will get confidence that you can withdraw money at any time.

«Errors» in the line

The bookmakers themselves make up the paintings, prescribing the names of the teams and setting the coefficients. But in the rules, they indicate that if an obvious error occurs, the transaction will be calculated with a coefficient of 1. At the same time, examples of typos or grammatical errors are given. Let’s say the coefficient for the favorite should be 1.13, and in the line it was displayed as 11.3. There is a typo here, a comma in the wrong place.

But there are other, allegedly «obvious» errors in the line, because of which the office does not want to pay the winnings. That is, initially an error is made in the name of the team with such intent that if the client wins, he will not be paid money. They look at the size of the winnings, if it is large, then the bet is calculated with a penalty of 1.

Another example. The rules state that the office has the right to cancel the bet if the match started late. Let’s say the teams started in 20 minutes. After all, it did not directly affect the result in any way. Nevertheless, the office has formal reasons for the refund. And some people use it.
Of course, this is not what companies with a reputation do. But not very well-known bookmakers sin like this. We recommend choosing betting offices responsibly so as not to get into such unpleasant situations.

How to solve problems with bookmakers

Despite a decent number of dishonest bookmakers, honesty can be achieved from many of them. Even offshore ones. The organizers of the bet expect that clients will not go to court in controversial situations. But you can do just that. It is quite possible that the company will reconsider its decision and pay out the winnings.

It is clear that if a player is faced with a fictitious one-day company, then you can forget about money. It is better not to take risks, but to work only with reliable and legal offices with a good reputation earned over many years.